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Who is a Hyderabadi

Over 96% Of Hyderabadis cannot complete a sentense without “Nakko, Hau, Hallu, Kaiku and Kate” Daily.. He goes to Gas Station to fill and says: “Panch Point Single Oil Dalo” He says (“abbi aataun mein”) and vanishes for couple of hours or not come back at all. Sleeps around 1 am and wakes only after 9:30 am He drinks half… Read more →

Yaad Karo apne Hyderabad ko

Yaad Karo apne Hyderabad ko 7 samundar par se yaad karo woh din aur raat Woh Allahamdullilah ki biryani, woh diamond ki chai, Woh radhey shyaam ki pani puri, woh chit chat ki chaat, Woh Softy ki ice cream, Wah usme thi kuch baat. Woh pulla reddy ki mithai, woh kamat ka dosa, Woh Gokul ki pav bhaji aur Ramser ka… Read more →

Collection of Ashaar

Nikalna Khuld se aadam ka sunte aaye the lekin “bahut be-aabru ho kar tere kuche se ham nikale” (Ghalib) ********** Bahut ji Khush hua Haali se milkar “abhi kuch log baaqi hain jahaaN mein” (Haali) ********** Akhir gil apni sarf-e-maikada hui “pahuNchi vaheen pe Khaak jahaaN ka Khameer tha” (Jahandar Shah) ********** Sun to sahi jahaaN mein hai tera fasaana… Read more →

Jiss taraf dekhta hooN

Jiss taraf dekhta hooN uss taraf hey be-kafan laashooN ka manzar Chhaya huwa haiy sir zameen-e-Iraq per aaj ek Quwwat-e-akbar  Ek taraf hatyar-e-jung per haiy dushmanouN ko naaz-o-fakhar Aur doosri taraf haiy be-kasouN ke parcham pe likha Allah-o-Akbar Aati haiy sada rodzaiy Hussain se; “afsous haiy mere nana ki ummat per.  Bhool gaye yeh islam ke asbaaq sirf zabaaN per he… Read more →

Angel of Death

It was early in the morning at four, When death knocked upon a bedroom door, Who is there? The sleeping one cried. I’m Malakul Mawt, let me inside. At once, the man began to shiver, As one sweating in deadly fever, He shouted to his sleeping wife, Don’t let him take away my life. Please go away, O Angel of… Read more →

Seven Wonders of the World?

A group of students were asked to list what they thought were the present Seven Wonders of the World. Though there were some disagreements, the following received the most votes: Egypt’s Great Pyramids Taj Mahal Grand Canyon Panama Canal Empire State Building St. Peter’s Basilica China’s Great Wall While gathering the votes, the teacher noted that one quiet student hadn’t… Read more →

Hyderabadi Dialouges

Deccani Dialogues Made For and Made By only Hyderabadi’s These are unique and very commendable mahawaray which is very useful media between two hyderabadi’s. It may also be very interesting to compile the list of Hyderabadi dialouges to keep the trend alive so refresh your memories with these unique language.   ‘baigan’ main milgai ‘chaklay’ lag gai ‘haat ko agay’ logaan unko ‘haat dey… Read more →

Introduction to Various Forms of Urdu Poetry

Ghazal  Ghazal is a collection of couplets (shers or ashaar) which follow the rules of ‘matla’, ‘maqta’, beh-er’, ‘qafiya’ and ‘radeef’. The couplets are complete in themselves. All the couplets of a ghazal must be of the same beh-er, end in the same words (radeef) and have the same rhyming pattern (qaafiyaa). Every ghazal MUST have a matla. A ghazal… Read more →