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Hyderabad House

From the Pope to President Vladimir Putin, from Queen Elizabeth II to the President of Rwanda, theres no visiting dignitary who doesnt get treated like royalty at Hyderabad House, the palatial home that the Nizam built in Lutyenss Delhi for his wife, who, in a whimsical moment, decided not to live there because she didnt like the place. Today, theres… Read more →

A Friend in need is a friend indeed

Hyderabad History : Sir Vicar ul Umra – Nawab Sahib was charming, gracious, hospitable, brilliant, honest, loyal and a lover of beauty and good life all packed in one.Neither debts nor official responsibilities could long divert him from his first love ,the building of the palaces including, Deodhi Iqbal-ud-Dowla, Vicar Manzil Palace The Paigah Palace, Aiwan-e-Begumpeth, and Phool Bagh Palace and the legendry… Read more →

New road in Hyderabad during Nizam Sarkar’s time

As long as H.E.H. Nizam’s mother was alive he used to visit her at Purani Haveli seven days a week, all year round rain or shine. His route was from King Kothi (Seat of Power) through St Georges Grammer School, Abids into Residency then right on Residency traffic island on to Gowli Guda, into the old city and at his final destination… Read more →

A Place in the Heart – Hyderabad

They say that if you’re a Hyderabadi, you carry your city with you, wherever you go. Like a string of old ivory prayer beads, perhaps, to bring you solace and pleasure. Yes, it’s always there, inside, within easy reach: a city located in the heart and in the memory, rather than a place in mere geography. And that’s just as… Read more →

An Interview with Mir Moazam Husain

The name Hyderabad evokes memories of a place with distinct cultures and religions. As a monumental city, Hyderabad came into being as a result of a love story, and has survived the test of time for more than four hundred years now. When the great Quli Qutub Shah laid the foundation for the city, he intended it to develop to… Read more →

The lost world

The lost world By William Dalrymple The rulers of Hyderabad, once the richest people in the world, were ruined by politics and family feuds. Now their cultural heritage is being restored. Sixty years ago, four months after British rule had come to an end in India, the Nizam of Hyderabad, then the richest man in the world, was still refusing… Read more →

The treasure trove of the Nizams

Hyderabad was the largest princely state before it was merged into the Indian union in 1948 by Operation Polo. For nearly three centuries, Hyderabad State was ruled by the Nizams, who carved their kingdom in South India from the ruins of the Mughal Empire. In seven generations, the Nizams amassed such wealth that the last Nizam was titled as the… Read more →

The Hyderabad Nizam

  Titular Name Personal Name Date of birth Nizam From Nizam Until Date of death Nizam-ul-Mulk, Asaf Jah I نظام‌الملک آصف جاہ Qamar-ud-din Khan 20 August 1671 31 July 1720 1 June 1748 Nasir Jung نصیرجنگ Ahmed Ali Khan 26 February 1712 1 June 1748 16 December 1750 ‏Muzaffar Jung مظفرجنگ Hidayat Muhi-ud-din Sa’adullah Khan  ? 16 December 1750 13… Read more →