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Hyderabadi Lifestyle – Then and Now

LIFE STYLES In the golden days of Hyderabad, Nawabs and top government officials had over the top and sparkly life styles.They lived good life,enjoyed parties, bought luxury cars, built lavish homes. In Hyderbad, Rolls sold more cars in 1930 than in any other city because of severe world wide depression.(Some how Balda survived during that time). Things have totally changed… Read more →

Nawab Sir Amin Jung Bahadur

Nawab Sir Amin Jung Bahadur A Very prominent personality of erstwhile Hyderabad Son of a prominent industrialist of Madras, Khateeb Ahmed Hussain was born in Madras in 1863.He was a brilliant student and finished his law school in 1889 at the top of his class followed by M.A. degree.He then worked as sub collector in North Arcot and Anatapur districts. When his mentor Sir… Read more →