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Nawab Jamaluddin

Nawab Jamaluddin (Jammu) Director Public Gardens and a Hyderabadi Icon. Jamaluddin was a brilliant administrator,a loyalist,and a very distinguished member of Hyderabadi society. He was very successful who lived well, laughed often and loved much,who has gained the respect of his family, his friends and establishment.He never failed to look for the best in others. As the chief of public gardens he had a… Read more →

A Friend in need is a friend indeed

Hyderabad History : Sir Vicar ul Umra – Nawab Sahib was charming, gracious, hospitable, brilliant, honest, loyal and a lover of beauty and good life all packed in one.Neither debts nor official responsibilities could long divert him from his first love ,the building of the palaces including, Deodhi Iqbal-ud-Dowla, Vicar Manzil Palace The Paigah Palace, Aiwan-e-Begumpeth, and Phool Bagh Palace and the legendry… Read more →