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Hyderabadi Dialouges

Deccani Dialogues Made For and Made By only Hyderabadi’s These are unique and very commendable mahawaray which is very useful media between two hyderabadi’s. It may also be very interesting to compile the list of Hyderabadi dialouges to keep the trend alive so refresh your memories with these unique language.   ‘baigan’ main milgai ‘chaklay’ lag gai ‘haat ko agay’ logaan unko ‘haat dey… Read more →

Nakko- Na, Nakko- Na

“Nakko- Na” by Sarvar Danda Jaali murrawath, Jaali mohabbath, Nai nai so ghaiya nakko na, Waide humsey, ghairo ku dawath, aisey jullaban nakko na, Nakko na… nakko na… nakko yeh laadhan nakko na. Jhuti himaqath, jhute nakhrey, chottey yeh shaanaa nakko na, Hidustani kompey key andar, Amrici chalaan nakko na, Thail bhi milna mushkil hai, yeh ghee ke bagharan nakko… Read more →

Typical Hyderabadi Discussions

A Hyderabadi Valima at Shalimar Garden…… Harey baap mai kya boloon tere ku…Sunday ku Ghani bhai ki behan ke Valime mein gaya tha.. Kaan thaa maloom tere kooo..  Woh Dan-Lap ki badee dukaan hai naa uski saamnich ek badaa shaadi khaana  hai, usmeich valima tha dekh. Other one: Harey kapde kya paina tha tu..? Woich to bolroun na baigan suno…. zara… Read more →

Falaknuma Palace – Heaven on Earth

Falaknuma, meaning the heavenly abode is a stupendous palace standing atop a 200 feet high hillock. The palace was built by Nawab Vikar-Ul-Ulmara, the VIth Nizam of Hyderabad, Mahboob Ali Khan. The tale of the magnificent palace had aroused the curiosity of the Nizam and it is said that he invited himself over for dinner. On arriving at the palace,… Read more →

An Interview with Mir Moazam Husain

The name Hyderabad evokes memories of a place with distinct cultures and religions. As a monumental city, Hyderabad came into being as a result of a love story, and has survived the test of time for more than four hundred years now. When the great Quli Qutub Shah laid the foundation for the city, he intended it to develop to… Read more →

The treasure trove of the Nizams

Hyderabad was the largest princely state before it was merged into the Indian union in 1948 by Operation Polo. For nearly three centuries, Hyderabad State was ruled by the Nizams, who carved their kingdom in South India from the ruins of the Mughal Empire. In seven generations, the Nizams amassed such wealth that the last Nizam was titled as the… Read more →

The Hyderabad Nizam

  Titular Name Personal Name Date of birth Nizam From Nizam Until Date of death Nizam-ul-Mulk, Asaf Jah I نظام‌الملک آصف جاہ Qamar-ud-din Khan 20 August 1671 31 July 1720 1 June 1748 Nasir Jung نصیرجنگ Ahmed Ali Khan 26 February 1712 1 June 1748 16 December 1750 ‏Muzaffar Jung مظفرجنگ Hidayat Muhi-ud-din Sa’adullah Khan  ? 16 December 1750 13… Read more →

Na idhar ke rahe na udhar ke

Na Idhar ke Rahe Na Udhar ke Rahe… Beech adhar atke rahe Na Hyderabad ku bhula sake Na Amrica ku apna sake Hyderabadi-Amrican banke kaam chalate rahe Na Urdu ku chod sake Na Angrezi ku pakad sake Desi accent mein goron ku confuse karte chale Na Turkey ku paka sake Na gravy bana sake Murgi ku dam de ke thanksgiving… Read more →