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Jiss taraf dekhta hooN

Jiss taraf dekhta hooN uss taraf hey be-kafan laashooN ka manzar Chhaya huwa haiy sir zameen-e-Iraq per aaj ek Quwwat-e-akbar  Ek taraf hatyar-e-jung per haiy dushmanouN ko naaz-o-fakhar Aur doosri taraf haiy be-kasouN ke parcham pe likha Allah-o-Akbar Aati haiy sada rodzaiy Hussain se; “afsous haiy mere nana ki ummat per.  Bhool gaye yeh islam ke asbaaq sirf zabaaN per he… Read more →

Nawab Sir Amin Jung Bahadur

Nawab Sir Amin Jung Bahadur A Very prominent personality of erstwhile Hyderabad Son of a prominent industrialist of Madras, Khateeb Ahmed Hussain was born in Madras in 1863.He was a brilliant student and finished his law school in 1889 at the top of his class followed by M.A. degree.He then worked as sub collector in North Arcot and Anatapur districts. When his mentor Sir… Read more →

A Friend in need is a friend indeed

Hyderabad History : Sir Vicar ul Umra – Nawab Sahib was charming, gracious, hospitable, brilliant, honest, loyal and a lover of beauty and good life all packed in one.Neither debts nor official responsibilities could long divert him from his first love ,the building of the palaces including, Deodhi Iqbal-ud-Dowla, Vicar Manzil Palace The Paigah Palace, Aiwan-e-Begumpeth, and Phool Bagh Palace and the legendry… Read more →

Irani Chai

Duniya mey Irani chai ka jo talabgar na hoga Mhaisher mey Quda oos ka madadgar na hoga Irani Chai What so special about a cup of tea? Especially when we talk about the Hyderabadi “Irani Tea”. The streets of Twin cities are inundated with hundreds of tea centers. A typcial Irani tea center can easily be identified with its names like ‘Cafe… Read more →

State Central Library

The present State library known earlier as Asifia Library and then known as the Hyderabad State library was established in February 1891, through the efforts of late Nawab Imad-ul-Mulk who was the director of education in HEH the Nizam’s Government.Nawab was from Bilgram and moved here at the invitation of Sir Salar Jung I.Both his sons Nawab Mehdi Yar Jung and Nawab Aqueel jung… Read more →

A Place in the Heart – Hyderabad

They say that if you’re a Hyderabadi, you carry your city with you, wherever you go. Like a string of old ivory prayer beads, perhaps, to bring you solace and pleasure. Yes, it’s always there, inside, within easy reach: a city located in the heart and in the memory, rather than a place in mere geography. And that’s just as… Read more →

An Interview with Mir Moazam Husain

The name Hyderabad evokes memories of a place with distinct cultures and religions. As a monumental city, Hyderabad came into being as a result of a love story, and has survived the test of time for more than four hundred years now. When the great Quli Qutub Shah laid the foundation for the city, he intended it to develop to… Read more →