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Hyderabad Nizam’s pink diamond sells for record $39 million

An extraordinary 34-carat ‘Princie’ diamond from the mines of Golconda in South India, once owned by the world’s richest man – the last Nizam of Hyderabad – has sold for a record USD 39 million at an auction here. The diamond – a 34.65-carat Fancy Intense Pink cushion-cut sparkler – was purchased by an anonymous collector bidding by phone. It… Read more →

The Hyderabad Nizam

  Titular Name Personal Name Date of birth Nizam From Nizam Until Date of death Nizam-ul-Mulk, Asaf Jah I نظام‌الملک آصف جاہ Qamar-ud-din Khan 20 August 1671 31 July 1720 1 June 1748 Nasir Jung نصیرجنگ Ahmed Ali Khan 26 February 1712 1 June 1748 16 December 1750 ‏Muzaffar Jung مظفرجنگ Hidayat Muhi-ud-din Sa’adullah Khan  ? 16 December 1750 13… Read more →