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Hyderabad House

From the Pope to President Vladimir Putin, from Queen Elizabeth II to the President of Rwanda, theres no visiting dignitary who doesnt get treated like royalty at Hyderabad House, the palatial home that the Nizam built in Lutyenss Delhi for his wife, who, in a whimsical moment, decided not to live there because she didnt like the place. Today, theres… Read more →

America sey aik khat

chand saal pheley na janey kis ney yeh qath likha tha, ek bar phir aap key¬†samney pesh kerraha hoon. suniye aur lutf andooz hoiyeh.¬†America ko agar lafzoon main likha jayee to kuch aisa hai ke…….. Zameen Hamwar Nahee, Mousam ka aitbar Nahee, Larke wafadar nahee, Mazhab say sarokar nahee, Khuloos say hamkinar nahee, Badalney ko taeyyar nahee, Waqat madadgar nahee,… Read more →

Hyderabad Locality Names

These names are chosen by dint of their endings which are derived from Urdu, Persian, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi languages: A Abad: Aliabad, Khairtabad, Musheerabad, Saifabad, Syedabad. B Bagh: Amin bagh, Bashir bagh, Gul bagh, Jam bagh, Ibrahim bagh, Inder bagh, Kishen bagh, Moosa ram bagh, Phool bagh, Ram bagh, Seetaram bagh. Ban: Bair ban, Imli ban, Kevada ban, Tad ban.… Read more →