New road in Hyderabad during Nizam Sarkar’s time

As long as H.E.H. Nizam’s mother was alive he used to visit her at Purani Haveli seven days a week, all year round rain or shine. His route was from King Kothi (Seat of Power) through St Georges Grammer School, Abids into Residency then right on Residency traffic island on to Gowli Guda, into the old city and at his final destination Purani Haveli.
H.E.H. was born in Purani Haveli and where his mother lived till her last day. Except the Residency area the city roads used to be blocked for traffic during his drive.When people hear the ceetees they voluntarily used to step down from their bicycles etc and motor nasheens also would move to the side and turn off their engines.This was as a mark of respect and love for the monarch.
Residency being a British controlled sector had its own police force.The constable under British control was directed to stop the traffic every time he noticed the big black Austin with Union Jack flying.
One day H.E.H. was on his way to Purani Haveli and as his limousine was taking a right turn at the Residency traffic Island suddenly black Austin appeared with Union Jack flying followed by a motorcade full of British officials. This was the Resident on his way back to his mansion (Residency) The traffic policeman stopped the entire traffic which included our Nizam.
Understandably Nizam was very upset and hurt. He decided then and there only that this would be his last drive through Residency as long as it was under British control. On returning to King Kothi he ordered the Municipal staff to construct a brand new road connecting Abids to Old city via Mozam Jahi Market.During this construction he used extremely narrow roads of Troop Bazar to visit his mother.
Famous residents of Abid’s area were Nawab Mohsi-ul-Mulk,Nawab Musahib Jung (Nizam’s own caterer )and Golden Threshold (Sarojini Dev’s residence where Gandhi Jee used to stay).
Source: Unknown