Nawab Sir Amin Jung Bahadur

Nawab Sir Amin Jung Bahadur
A Very prominent personality of erstwhile Hyderabad

Son of a prominent industrialist of Madras, Khateeb Ahmed Hussain was born in Madras in 1863.He was a brilliant student and finished his law school in 1889 at the top of his class followed by M.A. degree.He then worked as sub collector in North Arcot and Anatapur districts.

When his mentor Sir Norton the famous lawyer of Madras came to Hyderabad he brought along young Khateeb Hussain with him in a big civil suit Nawab Sultan Nawaz Jung vs.Seth Mohanlal. With in days of his arrival he was summoned by Nizam VI and and was appointed in his  Peshi.

In a short period of time because of his honesty, integrity and brilliance became one of the two most powerful men of Hyderabad Deccan. The other being Sir Afsar-ul-Mulk.These gentlemen were called the right and left hands of Mir Mahboob Ali Pasha.

He was awarded K.C.I.E.and C.S.I by the British and was given the the title of Amin Jung by the Beloved Monarch.Later he was promoted as Sadar-ul-Maham(highest rank in the dept.) The elite of Madras believed that if the young scholar had accepted the offer from Madras Presidency he would have ended as a Governor of Madras like Lord Sinha.

He was twice deputed as finance and law minister,Govt.Of India. Osmania University came into existence totally because of his and Akber Hydari’s hard work and dedication. He served The House of Nizams for 30 unparalleled years. Nawab Sahib built a beautiful home in Saroonagar along with the library which was very famous for the nayab book collection.