Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan a great ruler and a poet

Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan the seventh and the last Nizam of Hyderabad ruled for 37 years (1911 – 1948). His Dominion was larger than England and Scotland put together with an area of 8600 sq miles.

Important honors were bestowed on by the British Government and in 1918 he became His Exalted Highness. Mir Osman Ali Khan led a very simple life, yet he was one of the richest men of the world. He donated generously to every worthy cause through out the World. Some people are misinformed that Nizam was a miser, no, on the other hand although he spent very little on himself but not only in his own State eveb he has helped many other countries who were in want of finances. Not only a number of mosques but a number of temples, grudwaras and churches he has supported lavishly. Nizam’s rule saw a magnificient all round growth in Power, transportation, irrigation, education, communication and heath care. During his rule it was very peaceful and every one was happy. He was born on April 4th 1886 and died on Feb. 24th 1967.

Apart from being a great ruler Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan was a great poet also. He had inherited the love of poetry from his ancestors. His great grand father Mir Qumaruddin Ali Kha Asif Jah awal was a great poet of persian language, Another very good poet from his ancestors was his father Nawab Mir Mahboob Ali Khan whose taqualus was Asif. Mir Osman Ali Khan’s taqualus was Osman. In the begining when he was a prince used to send his poetries to “Dag” who was tuter of his father later he appointed Fasahath Jung Jaleel his tuter. He has said Nazams, Gazals, Naath, Marsias etc. His 750 gazals were printed in six volumes apart from his 63 Naaths.The following 2 Ashaar will give us an idea of his naathia Sahyeri:

Astane Mustafa par jab mayen nen sar rakh diya

Rahamate Bari ne apna haath sar par rakh diya


Iman mila, najath mili, fazle haqu mila

Darbare Faiz se mujhe kya kya ata howa

His romantic shayeri– 2 ashaar pesh hain:

Husn kahta hai aftaab hon main

Ahde peeri men bhi shabab hon main.

Osman ye walwala hai mohabath ka aaj tak

Ji bhi machal gaya hai dare yaar dekh kar

One of his Gazals pesh hai:

Sitam ki had bhi hai aaquer kahan tak

Kahan tak aye bute kafer khan tak

Chupaoon omar bhar kyun kar game ishque

Na ho sooze nihan zaher kahan tak

Dil o jaan deen o iman de chuke ham

Kiye jayen phir ab khatir kahan tak

Zaban par kab tak aaye ga na shikwah

Rahen ge sabir o shaker kahan tak

Sukun taqudeer men hai ya naheen hai

Falak hai dekhye dayer kahan tak

( Dayer means which goes round or  justice, here justice is taken)

Aray zalim ye tera ishqe gesu

Chadeh jayega meray sar kahan tak

Gazal Khud hi ye kah deti hai OSMAN

Koi is fun men hai maher kahan tak