Irani Chai

Duniya mey Irani chai ka jo talabgar na hoga
Mhaisher mey Quda oos ka madadgar na hoga

Irani Chai

What so special about a cup of tea? Especially when we talk about the Hyderabadi “Irani Tea”. The streets of Twin cities are inundated with hundreds of tea centers. A typcial Irani tea center can easily be identified with its names like ‘Cafe Sherton’ or ‘Bhadur Cafe’. The poor and the rich, employed and unemployed, the philosopher and materialist all flock to these tea centers to relax from their rigorous daily life over a cup of ‘chai’. It can be opined to an extent some people come here soley for passing on time. Informal conversations starting from family problems to international issues are aired for those who can spend for some in the so called Irani Tea joints.

It is a high philosophic certainty about a cup of tea becomes a habit and that influences the style of life in the Twin cities. For many in the twin cities , Irani tea is an addiction and starting their routine without consuming a cup is very difficult . It shall be very interesting to know the origin of this common man’s everyday drink and its popularity.

When Qutub Shahi’s were ruling the parts of Hyderabad with Golconda as the capital, a large number of Iranis came here to develop relations around 1600’s. Along with them they brought their customs, culture and traditions.

Many of the old constructions resembling the designs of the Iranian architecture. Tea is a warm beverage and a thirst quencher to them. Their hot favorites, green and black teas were introduced to local people in the 16th century itself.

The black and green tea introduced by Iranians which was later on called “Irani – Chai ” was totally different from the tea available in other parts of the country. The basic difference is way they prepare. It is differed in its process after plucking.

Except the tea the other beverages and recipes are largely ignored. Today this ‘Chai’ is as popular as Pearls, Biryani and Minars to the Hyderabad.