Hyderabadi Lifestyle – Then and Now

In the golden days of Hyderabad, Nawabs and top government officials had over the top and sparkly life styles.They lived good life,enjoyed parties, bought luxury cars, built lavish homes. In Hyderbad,
Rolls sold more cars in 1930 than in any other city because of severe world wide depression.(Some how Balda survived during that time).

Things have totally changed in modern day Hyderabad because of billions of dollars worth of new business and foreign investment. These changed times have created several entrepreneurs and
millionaires. For them saving for tomorrow is a totally outdated concept.

In the Golden days for the affluent, shikars were arranged at famous Shikar Gahs like Pakhal in Warangal Dt., Manannoor in Adilabad for tigers,bears, lions; deers and rabbit in our own backyard Saroonager. Today shikars are planned in South Africa and Kenya by wealthy Hyderabadis.

St Georges,Madras-i-Aliya, Mahboobia and Jagirdar College were the schools well to do Hyderabadis send their children to.Even schools in Dune,and Ooty. Today Hyderabadi youngsters are sent to Gorton private school (world famous).

Affluent used to invite their close friends into their spacious homes for all night parties and fun like Classical music,Ghazals,Qawalis,Mushairas and Mujras. Today Hyderabadis fly to Bombay just for the night with their friends for all night parties.

In golden Hyderabad Shops were reopened after 9 P.M. exclusively for affluent Begums to do the shopping and they used to travel in expensive cars.Today affluent Hyderabadi ladies shop at Harods
and Selfridges in London.While in Hyderabad they travel in Porsche, Jags,BMW’s and Benz.

In old days affluent owned lavish homes in city and farm homes in Umda Sager and Vickharabad. Bigger and lavish homes are built today with interiors by Ethan Allen. Vikharabad is today like Tahoe Nev.and Colorado,  a relaxing ground for affluent. Few of the richest men of the world along with movie idols from Bollywood and Tollywood(Telgu) own homes in Hyderabad.

SOURCE OF INCOME for the state then.

In old Hyderabad there were hardly any taxes like Sales Tax or Income Tax.Because of very few industries unemployment was severe and rampant and in some quarters there was rock bottom poverty specially in the districts and illiteracy was 88%. The biggest and only reliable employer was the State itself. The biggest source of state income was from excise (Aabkari) that is why Hyderabad was one of the only few Muslim states where there was no prohibition and liquor was openly sold every where. Out of about Rs. 5 to 600 million income, Aabkari provided Rs.350 million.The rest from lagandari, Jama Bundi(Revenue Dept.) and Forests. Hyderabad however survived all these drawbacks inspite of massive corruption. Nawabs and Jagirdars were authorized to collect lagan from their estates,hence they had life long life immunity from  ups and downs of finances of the state.

Source of income today.
Hyderabad is a world class emerging hightech city. Inspite of poverty it has burgeoning middle class and made great strides in fields like I.T.  It also exported its very talented professionals to Middle East and United States who send billions of dollars into state economy. Foreign investment to the tune of Billions is invested into State and city by powerful companies like Microsoft,HP,Sun Micro,Oracle and others. Sales Tax and commercial taxes are collected by law. Unfortunately inspite of this tremendous achievements there still  is a mass of rural population which remains illiterate and  impoverished. Corruption does still exists but usually at lower levels.

Corruption (True funny story)

(A Tahsildar was famous for having a fresh chicken cooked both at  lunch and dinner by his bawarchi and his chaprasi had a free hand in delivering live poultry every day to tahsildar’s residence with  out ever paying for it.)

Dt. Collector saab was on an inspection tour of a village where  Tahsildar saab was notorious for his corruption and notices some chicken on the road.

Collector saab…”Tahsildar saab I do’nt think you come to this village quite often, because I have noticed few chicken still running around”