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Hyderabad Locality Names

These names are chosen by dint of their endings which are derived from Urdu, Persian, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi languages: A Abad: Aliabad, Khairtabad, Musheerabad, Saifabad, Syedabad. B Bagh: Amin bagh, Bashir bagh, Gul bagh, Jam bagh, Ibrahim bagh, Inder bagh, Kishen bagh, Moosa ram bagh, Phool bagh, Ram bagh, Seetaram bagh. Ban: Bair ban, Imli ban, Kevada ban, Tad ban.… Read more →

Hyderabadi Dialouges

Deccani Dialogues Made For and Made By only Hyderabadi’s These are unique and very commendable mahawaray which is very useful media between two hyderabadi’s. It may also be very interesting to compile the list of Hyderabadi dialouges to keep the trend alive so refresh your memories with these unique language.   ‘baigan’ main milgai ‘chaklay’ lag gai ‘haat ko agay’ logaan unko ‘haat dey… Read more →

Nawab Jamaluddin

Nawab Jamaluddin (Jammu) Director Public Gardens and a Hyderabadi Icon. Jamaluddin was a brilliant administrator,a loyalist,and a very distinguished member of Hyderabadi society. He was very successful who lived well, laughed often and loved much,who has gained the respect of his family, his friends and establishment.He never failed to look for the best in others. As the chief of public gardens he had a… Read more →

Nawab Sir Amin Jung Bahadur

Nawab Sir Amin Jung Bahadur A Very prominent personality of erstwhile Hyderabad Son of a prominent industrialist of Madras, Khateeb Ahmed Hussain was born in Madras in 1863.He was a brilliant student and finished his law school in 1889 at the top of his class followed by M.A. degree.He then worked as sub collector in North Arcot and Anatapur districts. When his mentor Sir… Read more →

Nakko- Na, Nakko- Na

“Nakko- Na” by Sarvar Danda Jaali murrawath, Jaali mohabbath, Nai nai so ghaiya nakko na, Waide humsey, ghairo ku dawath, aisey jullaban nakko na, Nakko na… nakko na… nakko yeh laadhan nakko na. Jhuti himaqath, jhute nakhrey, chottey yeh shaanaa nakko na, Hidustani kompey key andar, Amrici chalaan nakko na, Thail bhi milna mushkil hai, yeh ghee ke bagharan nakko… Read more →

The Living Moghuls

A documentary film depicting the lives of the descendants of India’s last Moghul emperor has been released in India. This is the first time that the emperor’s descendants, who had been living in complete anonymity, decided to disclose their identity. The film-maker, Arijit Gupta, says his film is an attempt to make the people aware of the struggles of this surviving… Read more →

Hyderabad ki Galiyan aur Mahilley

Khairatabad Just across the small bridge over the railway line at Lakdi ka pool, is Khairatabad. The roads here are narrow so only one way traffic is permitted, which is very inconvenient. Khairatabad derives its name from a princess of the Qutb shah times called Khairati Begum. Parts of the area date back at least to the 16th century. There… Read more →

A Friend in need is a friend indeed

Hyderabad History : Sir Vicar ul Umra – Nawab Sahib was charming, gracious, hospitable, brilliant, honest, loyal and a lover of beauty and good life all packed in one.Neither debts nor official responsibilities could long divert him from his first love ,the building of the palaces including, Deodhi Iqbal-ud-Dowla, Vicar Manzil Palace The Paigah Palace, Aiwan-e-Begumpeth, and Phool Bagh Palace and the legendry… Read more →

New road in Hyderabad during Nizam Sarkar’s time

As long as H.E.H. Nizam’s mother was alive he used to visit her at Purani Haveli seven days a week, all year round rain or shine. His route was from King Kothi (Seat of Power) through St Georges Grammer School, Abids into Residency then right on Residency traffic island on to Gowli Guda, into the old city and at his final destination… Read more →