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Who is a Hyderabadi

Over 96% Of Hyderabadis cannot complete a sentense without “Nakko, Hau, Hallu, Kaiku and Kate” Daily.. He goes to Gas Station to fill and says: “Panch Point Single Oil Dalo” He says (“abbi aataun mein”) and vanishes for couple of hours or not come back at all. Sleeps around 1 am and wakes only after 9:30 am He drinks half… Read more →

Hyderabadi Wife’s letter

Aji Inu, salamualikum ummeid kartiun k aap khairiyat honge, mai aur bacche ache hai, amma ki tabiyat b theek hai, bacche barabar school ku jarain, arabbi padhne jarain, aap yaan ki fikar nakko karo har 8din mein phone karte raho, kab aarain maloom karo jake 2 saal hogaya, aisa 2-2 saal baher rahe tu hamara kaisa hota honga? hamare upper kya guzarti hongi hamaku malum….… Read more →

Yaad Karo apne Hyderabad ko

Yaad Karo apne Hyderabad ko 7 samundar par se yaad karo woh din aur raat Woh Allahamdullilah ki biryani, woh diamond ki chai, Woh radhey shyaam ki pani puri, woh chit chat ki chaat, Woh Softy ki ice cream, Wah usme thi kuch baat. Woh pulla reddy ki mithai, woh kamat ka dosa, Woh Gokul ki pav bhaji aur Ramser ka… Read more →

Hyderabad House

From the Pope to President Vladimir Putin, from Queen Elizabeth II to the President of Rwanda, theres no visiting dignitary who doesnt get treated like royalty at Hyderabad House, the palatial home that the Nizam built in Lutyenss Delhi for his wife, who, in a whimsical moment, decided not to live there because she didnt like the place. Today, theres… Read more →

Irani Chai

Chairs that creak the moment you sit on them, marble-top tables that look smudgier after someone has cleaned them, plywood walls and mirrored interiors, may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but to the acolytes who have spent many an evening brooding over a broken love affair while the ever solicitous proprietor plied you with cups of thick milky tea… Read more →

Hyderabadi Lifestyle – Then and Now

LIFE STYLES In the golden days of Hyderabad, Nawabs and top government officials had over the top and sparkly life styles.They lived good life,enjoyed parties, bought luxury cars, built lavish homes. In Hyderbad, Rolls sold more cars in 1930 than in any other city because of severe world wide depression.(Some how Balda survived during that time). Things have totally changed… Read more →

Pani ki Qillat

Hyderabad mein pani ki qilat par aik modern shair kay tassurat kuch aise hain:   Continuous rula gaya pani Sabko aaNsu pila gaya pani AshiqoN ka hujum hai nal par Dil ki dunya basa gaya pani Khun pi pi ke pyasi public ka MuNh pe leader ke aa gaya pani MaiN jo pucha ke kya pilaoge Unki aaNkhoN meiN aa… Read more →

Bidri Artifacts

This traditional craft flourished in the Deccan region since the early 17th century. Named after the city of Bidar, the capital city of the Bahamani sultans, the art form has long been known to connoisseurs of Indian art. Salarjung Museum in Hyderabad has a few quality specimen from the 17th Century which illustrate the technical skills of the craftsmen in… Read more →

Zinda Tilismath

Zinda Tilismath A world famous remedy for Cold from the city has been making waves since the last 90yrs   Zinda Tilismath has almost become synonymous with Hyderabad. This unique product from the city has become a world famous remedy for Cold. People from all parts of the world apply Zinda Tilismath inside and outside of the nose for quick… Read more →